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By on Nov 22, 2017 in Worldview

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In Junior High, during Wednesday Night Service at church, I remember my pastor showing us a series called “Planet Earth” (great series, I highly recommend). While watching that, I remember feeling absolutely floored at how complex and beautiful this world is.


If you’ve never watched the show, it’s basically a series that captures natural phenomena in the world that has been untouched by humans. It’s also all narrated by Sir David Attenborough, so the British accent makes it all the more interesting (Unless you live in Britain. Then it’ll just be plainly interesting).


That’s basically where the idea for this series comes from. There are so many crazy things that happen in the universe that we live in; in my mind, it cannot be a pure coincidence. So many things that are so exact, that they would never be the result of random chance. So I want to spend the next however long exploring the many kinds of phenomena in the world, and showing how the pure attention to detail points to a Creator.


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1


That’s how the Bible starts. It’s where the story begins. Everything in history comes from this moment in time, the moment that everything began. So from that one sentence, we get an identity of God that I would like to emphasize throughout this series: God as a Creator.


Some of you might be asking why this is relevant. Well, the inspiration for this series actually comes from something that my dad said when some of my friends asked him what his favorite Bible verse was. He said, “Genesis 1:1, because if you cannot come to terms with all that Genesis 1:1 implies, then everything behind that verse is meaningless. That’s the start, and only after you come to terms with it, can you believe the rest of it.”

I’ve also found it to be a matter of perspective. The more you see that God has created everything around you, from the stars you see in the sky to the very cells that you are made up of, and you see how intentionally God has created His creation, it does three things. At least for me.


  1. It shows you how small you are, and in contrast how big God is. This is important to know because I think so often, we can get caught up in making up an idea that God is smaller than He is. We can often make our problems bigger than Him, and these problems will often distract us from pursuing a true relationship with Him.


  1. It shows you how much God actually loves you. I know, Jesus is the true measure of how much He loves us. I get that. But so often, I think we can just use that as the only measure of God’s love. Granted, it is enough. But I think that one of the reasons we struggle with coming to terms with the fact that He loves us is because we fail to see how intentionally and intricately God has created each and every one of us to be. Once I came to that realization, I think it deepened my understanding of why God sent Jesus to die. We aren’t just some blobs of flesh walking around on a rock floating in space with no purpose. Each person was created to be an individual soul on the earth, with purpose and value in the eyes of God.


  1. It gives you an identity. Accepting God as a Creator inevitably makes you Creation. That identity may come as something that many of us may not want, especially because that means that we must submit to Him because He is greater, and because He is the lawmaker, but that also gives us a certain measure of freedom because we no longer have to worry about certain things in our lives. They are in God’s control.


So needless to say, I think it’s important to see that God has His hand in everything in creation.


Just as a disclaimer, I’m not a scientist, or a physicist (I had a hard time even spelling that word), or anything related to the hard sciences. I’m just a boy who is convinced that God is visible in all that He has made. In a sense, the world itself is the strongest apologetic evidence for me.


So buckle up people! It’s gonna be a wondrous ride.

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Caleb Lee

Genetically 100% Korean; culturally 50% Korean, 30% Redneck, 15% Mexican, 5% Bear (The variety comes from dad. Mom is 100% Korean). Currently a student at UC Berkeley; and studying Political Economy, planning to work in a company that pays me enough to pay rent and buy food. I love to create things, so I love to write, make music, cook, bake, and build things. I’ve always attended church, but some personal issues drove me to find healing in something that I knew was bigger than this life, which was God. Since then, even in the worst periods of my life, I’ve known God loves me. If God can love someone as terrible as me, I’m pretty sure He can love anybody, and I’m pretty sure that He wants to as well.

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