Do I Really Have to Read My Bible Everyday?

By on Dec 14, 2017 in The Bible, Theology

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Do you have to breathe every day?


Haha, snarky comments aside, it is extremely important for us Christians to be meditating on Scripture as much as we possibly can. And yes, if you profess to believe in Jesus Christ, that includes you.


I’ve been in church a long time. Not just as a Sunday attendee, but as someone who loved going to church even when there was no service. Yet, even I hardly ever opened my Bible outside of church services. I thought that being in the church building was enough to cover that lacking part of my Christian life. In reality, I didn’t really think much of not reading my Bible.


And that’s a really big issue.


I think during my time in church, I was always told to read Scripture. It wasn’t because of a lack of people telling me to read Scripture, it was my own self. Isn’t that what it always is? I mean, you have a long day, you come home from school, plop yourself down on your bed (or you do homework like a good kid), and then you watch a couple Youtube videos or Netflix shows, and then it’s bedtime. You think to yourself, “I’ll read my Bible tomorrow, God will forgive me.” If you claim you’ve never experienced that, well, my friend, please repent of your sins. Lol. Just kidding. Although, repenting of sins is always good.


Anyways, my point is that nothing bad can come from reading Scripture. Except perhaps more persecution, but Jesus Himself said,


and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

-Matthew 10:22


Did you get that? You’ll be saved. What could be greater than that?


Look, I know it’s hard to read Scripture. There’s so much in it that’s hard to understand; there are things in it that you may not like. I mean I even had trouble reading it everyday when I led Bible Study! I’m sure anyone will admit that, even if they’re the most Christian people you know, reading the Bible can be challenging.


Something that’s really been helping me with reading has been something that my pastor challenged our church with in the beginning of the year. He said, “In the old days, before we had the Bibles that we have today, with all the books and chapters and verses, there was just one book. It was one continuous story. Read it like that. Don’t get stuck on reading a chapter a day or a certain number of verses, sit down and read like you’re reading any other book.”


For some reason, his words really struck me that day. So even though I’ve read the first 5 chapters of Genesis more than I’ve read the rest of the entire Bible, I started over, not paying attention to how much I was reading per day, not stopping after a certain number of chapters or verses, just simply reading as much as I could read.


And let me tell you, it has made a world of a difference in my life.


It’s just so good from the moment I open it until the moment that I close it. There’s so much beauty in the pages, and you can see more of God’s character in every verse. You know how people always say that it’s impossible to know all of God’s thoughts because He’s infinitely knowledgeable and great? While that’s true, the Scripture is the closest thing that we get to knowing everything that we need to know. Who doesn’t want that?


You know, as hard as it is to read Scripture every day, the more that I read it, the more I fall in love with it. The more I wanted to read. I’ll be honest, some days, I’ll read a couple books in the Old Testament in one sitting. All of the history and context that pastors are always having to explain in their messages-it’s all in there.


We always talk about how hard it is to find time to read, but you wouldn’t say that about school or work. It’s truly a matter of priority. If the Bible, if getting to know about Jesus Himself, is not your first priority… Well, you may need to get your priorities in order. I’m not saying drop everything in order to read 24/7. The Word tells us to find joy in work and to work diligently in whatever we do. What I’m saying is, don’t make excuses in order to not read the Word.


My dad once told me, “Every time you open your Bible, you are meeting Jesus face to face.” The more I read, the more I understand what he meant when he said that to me. Jesus is in every page, in every word that is written, and His love shines through in every verse.


And yet we say, “I just wish God could rip open the skies and say, ‘Hello’ in His ultra deep ‘God-voice’ to me. Then I would never doubt.”


To that, I would simply respond, open the cover of your Bible, and God will not only say, “Hello” to the deepest parts of your soul, but He will say, “I love you, my child.”

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Caleb Lee

Genetically 100% Korean; culturally 50% Korean, 30% Redneck, 15% Mexican, 5% Bear (The variety comes from dad. Mom is 100% Korean). Currently a student at UC Berkeley; and studying Political Economy, planning to work in a company that pays me enough to pay rent and buy food. I love to create things, so I love to write, make music, cook, bake, and build things. I’ve always attended church, but some personal issues drove me to find healing in something that I knew was bigger than this life, which was God. Since then, even in the worst periods of my life, I’ve known God loves me. If God can love someone as terrible as me, I’m pretty sure He can love anybody, and I’m pretty sure that He wants to as well.

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